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Community Stories

The Schwartz/ Reisman Centre strives to strengthen individuals, families and communities within an inclusive and welcoming environment. These stories showcase the intangible value of being part of the J.

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Meet Kaylee

For some art is a hobby, for Kaylee painting provides a sense of pride and accomplishment & allowing her to feel as though she can do anything. It is also the main reason she continues to come to the Schwartz/Reisman Centre (SRC). Kaylee is a resident of Reena, and she walks to the SRC to […]

Meet Marty

For some, camp is a summer escape. But for Marty Leaf, it’s his passion. Marty isn’t a man of many words but his character speaks volumes as he walks down the corridors of JCC. Marty is a resident of Reena, a home in Thornhill for individuals with developmental disabilities. He grew up going to The […]

Meet Mia

When most girls look back on their bat mitzvah celebrations they will remember their party with friends or a portion of learning they nailed in a speech or in front of the Torah. For Mia Cochran from North Bay, however, deciding what to do to mark her Bat Mitzvah wasn’t as easy. Her two older […]

Meet Kayla

Ten years ago Kayla Daniels was referred by JF&CS to The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp to, in her words, “develop who I am and make new friends”. Kayla’s story is just one of the many success stories that come from community collaboration and outreach. It is also testament to the notion that when […]

Meet Gabriel

Meaningful inclusion results in new friends for the whole family Despite a shared love of Lego, trains, tennis and pizza some children have a harder time than others making friends. Such was the case for grade 4 student, Gabriel, who is on the Autism spectrum. Then, he found the Schwartz/Reisman Centre and a series of […]

Donor Stories

We are extremely grateful to all our donors for their generosity and philanthropic spirit.

We are honoured to share this exceptional story.


Martin Prosserman z”l was a philanthropic leader who had a passion for community building and for helping people facing financial hardship. He established the Martin Prosserman Fund in 2017 to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community would benefit from life-enhancing programs and services at the Prosserman JCC. Carry on Martin’s legacy by […]


Three seemingly random facts about Seymour Prince: He is an IT ERP implementation consultant specializing in the large construction sector worldwide. He started lifting weights at 18 while attending Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia — his former hometown. He is a Jewish Community Centres expert having visited out over 60 JCCs throughout the US […]


Everyone deserves a shot, an adventure, a community celebration, a Jewish education. Everyone deserves to find balance, feel proud, be included, become part of a team. Everyone deserves to feel the kindness of a helping hand. Yet, while everyone deserves, not everyone receives. Similar to hundreds of JCC members, our donors have stories of personal […]

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